parental kidnapping from one country to another

What You Don’t Know About International Parental Kidnapping – Are You Prepared?

Do you think you need to give your permission for your child to leave the country? You could be wrong. Fathers—and mothers—have found out the hard way how easy it is for someone to disappear with a child. Safeguard your family from the worst case scenario with professional tips on preventing international child abduction.

Boys Don't Cry

Are Moms More Likely to Promote Toxic Masculinity in Boys? Study on Gender Bias Uncovers Surprising Trend

A new study from the University of Guelph has turned stereotypes on their heads, but researchers shared a few cautions. It gauged parental comfort as children of different genders expressed their negative emotions. Exposing the Bias in Exposing Bias Researchers who conducted the study emphasized their findings focused more on thoughts than actions. While some […]