Advocate Tries to Change ‘Fathers Day’ to “Special Persons’ Day”

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A woman calling herself an advocate for social justice for children (and also calling herself Dr. Red Ruby Scarlet, which she insists is her real name) has called for the abolition of Fathers’ Day, instead renaming it to “Special Person’s Day”.


While this effort is happening in Australia, where it has gained some traction, tremors have already been felt in New Zealand and the UK. Can the suggestion being proposed in other countries, including the United States, be far behind?

As you might imagine, this has caused quite an uproar in certain corners, with reporting in Australia, New Zealand, the UK,and even the U.S. on Fox News’ World ranging from less than supportive to outright outrage (Australia’s put the story under their ‘WTF’ category).

And yet, Dr. Red Ruby Scarlet claims to not be able to understand what all the fuss is about. In fact, says Dr. Scarlet, who insists that is her real name, families without fathers aren’t opposed to the idea.

Dr. Red Ruby Scarlet Wants to Do Away with Fathers’ Day
doctor red ruby scarlet

In an interview on Australia’s Today Tonight television show, Dr Scarlet defended her initiative.

‘We have single parent families, satellite families, extended families, lesbian and gay families,’ she said, explaining why a day specifically to recognize fathers should be abolished in favour of a Special Persons’ day. “There’s a lot of Australian research that has actually informed a lot of international research … that has demonstrated children’s capacity to be really inclusive once they know about these ideas and they think, ‘Wow, why are people seeing this as a controversy?’”

“Why are we calling this political correctness when in fact it’s about our rights?” she added, in response to several news pieces suggesting that her idea is ‘political correctness gone mad.’

Countered David Elliot who is an MP (Member of Parliament) for the New South Wales (NSW) district of Australia, “Can’t believe that someone who professes to be ‘enlightened’ would advocate such crap,” adding that “People still celebrate fatherhood even after their father and grandfathers have passed away, in fact for many people Father’s Day is a wonderful time of reflecting and remembering.”

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