A Fathers Rights for Child Support Depends on These Factors

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If you are a single dad, or a soon-to-be single dad, it’s a good idea to understand a fathers rights for child support, so you know what is required of you, and what you should expect. Under current family law each parent is required to support their children financially after a separation. Different states have formulas they follow to determine child support, and all of them use the following key factors.


The Number of Children Affects a Fathers Rights for Child Support

Typically, the more kids you have the more child support you will pay, or receive if you are the custodial parent. Courts use computer programs that calculate child support based on whatever formula the state uses. While different states may vary slightly in the percentages of income used to calculate child support based on the number of children and the amount of time each child is with each parent, a judge may decide to increase or decrease the prescribed amount if they think it appropriate. However, generally if they stray from the formula they are required to explain why in the child support order.

Besides the number of children involved and the time that they spend with each parent, there are other considerations that judges may look at regarding when calculating child support. These may include the ages of the children, school activities, and any extraordinary considerations, like if the child has extra interests, or needs special care, such as special medical needs..
These are just some of the things that a judge may look at, but you should be ready to disccuss other factors as the judge may see appropriate, as long as they are in line with your fathers rights for child support calculation.

Percentage Of The Time Kids Are With Each Parent

The physical custody arrangement is also key to child support cases. In many states, the less parenting time that you have the more child support you are required to provide. In the case of equal shared custody, the obligations are split equally, but the judge may look at other factors, like the difference in income of the parents, in order to come up with an appropriate and fair arrangement. This means that even in an equal custody arrangement, you could still find yourself paying more or receiving more child support.

How Much Each Parent Earns

The court looks at the gross income of each parent to come up with a fair and working child support plan. But instead of simply dealing with what your paycheck reads based on your choices, they sometime will look at what you could earn based on your qualifications. That means if you are a pilot and decide to retire at the age of 35, you would still continue paying an amount equal to what you would if you had continued working; this also applies to the person receiving child support, so if your ex decides to under-employ herself you can ask the court to impute appropriate income to her.

States have different guidelines and formulas to set child support, but all these formulas are based on essentially the same factors. However since every case is situationally different, there may be other contributing factors to child support calculations. If you would like to have an idea of how much child support will be associated with your co parenting plan, there are free online calculators that serve that purpose. Just search for “online child support calculator {name of your state}”.

A Fathers Rights for Child Support Depends on This Factors

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