New Fathers’ Rights Organization Opens in Toledo, Ohio

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Toledo, Ohio is the newest community to have a fathers’ rights organization open its doors to single and disenfranchised fathers. Called, straightforwardly enough, “Fathers Rights Organization” (or ‘FRO’), the organization was founded to “help, support and encourage you for what is best for your situation,” adding, wisely, that “Not every situation is the same for everyone.”


FRO says that their mission is “To encourage and empower Ohio fathers in the local community who struggle with family issues or lacking regular visitation with their kids. Our main goal is helping children grow up with fathers involved in their lives.”

While the Toledo Fathers Rights Organization does not provide legal services, they provide all sorts of other support, and fellowship, for single fathers in the Toledo area. Some of their services include, or will include, support groups, parenting classes, supervised parenting time, parenting classes, and a place to have safe drop offs and pick ups (i.e when the children are exchanged from one parent to the other).

(If you need legal services in Ohio we encourage you to either use our consult with a lawyer in your area referral service, or at very least to read both our How to find a lawyer article and How to find a lawyer in Ohio.)

In a statement of belief, FRO says “FRO believes that fathers are leaders, teachers, role models, motivators, nurturers and parents to their children. Fathers are NOT babysitters or part-timers! Fathers should not be treated as such.”

Now that’s certainly a sentiment we can get behind!

You can reach the Toledo, Ohio Fathers Rights Organization by email at or by telephone at (419) 214-2465. Their website is at

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