The Most-Read and Popular Fathers’ Rights Articles Read by Dads in 2020

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Reviewing the articles from the past year that got the most attention was somewhat surreal.


Remember the hubbub back in February over a bill intended to assign child support during pregnancy?

Dads Could Pay Support for Unborn Children Thanks to New Bill garnered 3775 views and explored the consequences of bills like the Unborn Child Support Act. Some dads didn’t understand the big deal. Women often have increased expenses during pregnancy. Why shouldn’t dads help, right? It seems pretty simple.

As usual, the devil was in the details. We all want children to be supported by both of their parents. The problem is when one parent is given the ability to bury the other parent in debt without proper warning. According to the Unborn Child Support Act, mothers could retroactively claim the support to the date of conception regardless of whether the father was informed of the pregnancy.

We’re happy to report this bill died in the Senate’s Finance Committee. Thank you for your help!

Weeks later, fathers’ advocates around the world rallied behind a Texas dad facing his worst nightmare. In Texas, Dad Battles Mom’s Former Boyfriend for Custody of 4 Year Old Girl detailed the legal battle between a committed father and the fairly uninvolved boyfriend of his ex after her accidental death.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars and immeasurable amounts of stress later, and the dad prevailed in court. We’re happy to report the loophole has been closed. Parents across Texas owe that dad some gratitude.

Coronavirus-related content overshadowed much of the news in 2020 for good reason. Worries over the spread of the virus, politically charged pandemic responses, and stay-at-home orders had a heavy impact on parenting agreements and children’s routines. Worse, most countries saw a sharp rise in divorce rates as families were forced into isolation.

But not all of our coverage this past year was bad. One of our most popular stories focused on a group giving dads a helping hand. In Oklahoma Group Furnishing Fatherhood, readers learned about a new organization linking struggling fathers with local resources. It’s a service more areas need.

It represents more of what we hope to cover in 2021. Hopefully, communities will be able to get COVID-19 under control and begin healing from the chaos of the past year, goodness knows that single fathers have enough to deal with even in the best of times.

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