Top Stories of 2019 and What Dads Want in 2020

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The biggest news stories of 2019 included the fire of Notre Dame and the first major steps in finding a cure for HIV, but what about the top stories here at


In 2019, our readers wanted to know:

#5 How to Protect Themselves

Restraining orders can help prevent problems, but they are also used as a tool during divorce. Know your rights and responsibilities if you’re barred from seeing your co-parent or child.

#4 How to Protect Their Kids

Dads are sometimes treated like the source of harmful stereotypes, but recent studies show that moms are more likely to take them to heart. How can you fight them? Try these tips to start!

Unfortunately, tempers flared online when people first saw the title because of the phrase “toxic masculinity.” This phrase does not mean masculinity is toxic or harmful. It refers to harmful gender-based stereotypes, like “boys don’t cry.”

#3 How to Create Indestructible Bonds

Make every minute count with your kids by focusing on activities that generate trust, fun and understanding.

#2 How to Prevail In the Face of False Allegations

Being accused of abuse can leave you feeling afraid for yourself and your children. New studies show dad they have less to worry about now than ever before. That doesn’t mean you’re automatically clear. However, there are ways to increase your chances of success in the courtroom.

#1 How to Deal With Dad Shaming

All parents receive criticism. The problem is that dads are criticized by more people, more of the time, and in ways that can drive you apart from your partner and your child.

Looking Forward to Fatherhood in the ‘20s

Today’s dads are expected to do it all. Earn the paycheck. Change the diapers. Keep the house spic and span. More dads than ever before are doing this work alone or the majority of the time.

Look for more articles aimed at helping dads juggle those responsibilities in 2020 and beyond. We’ll also keep you abreast of the latest co-parenting trends and trending cases in family law.

What Do YOU Want to See in 2020?

As always, we’re here to serve readers the information they most want and need. Have requests? Leave your comments below.

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