Need a Fathers Rights Helpline? Try One of These 9 Free Hotlines

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Trying to find a fathers rights helpline, especially in a time of need, can be daunting. You may already be stressed, or frustrated, and then trying to find a fathers rights helpline, let alone one that is legit, can add to the stress. Here are a few dads rights helplines that you can try. Keep in mind that most fathers rights hotlines can’t give straight up legal advice, because they are not staffed by lawyers. However, if you need fathers rights legal advice, most fathers rights lawyers and law firms will give you either a free or low-cost consultation. If you do specifically need legal advice concerning fathers rights, we also list a few fathers’ rights legal helplines maintained by lawyers and law firms at the end of this article, but do be aware that they are likely to soft-sell you to retain their firm.


Find a Fathers Rights Helpline

The Fathers’ Rights Movement

No, this isn’t the fathers rights movement (small letters), it’s The Fathers’ Rights Movement, which is what this fathers’ rights organization is named (pretty bold of them, we think, but if they do good work, more power to them). Based out of Florida, they offer a national hotline which provides support and guidance. Call them at 866-366-8376.

The National Parent Helpline

The National Parent Helpline isn’t a fathers rights helpline per se, rather it is a parent helpline which, of course, includes fathers who need support. The trained staff members who answer their helpline will, they say, “listen to you, offer emotional support, help you problem-solve, support you in creating your own solutions, encourage you to take care of yourself, work with you to get connected to local services, explore new resources for your family, and help you build on your own strengths and continue to be a great parent.” Their helpline number is 855-427-2736.

Fathers for Equal Rights

While Fathers for Equal Rights is a Texas-based organization, other than their Texas-specific links they provide support and guidance which is relevant to fathers throughout the country, including a whole section on fathers’ rights generally which includes a great divorce for fathers checklist. You can call them at either of 2149532233 or 817=870-4880.

The National Parents Organization

Not to be confused with the National Parent Helpline above, which is a different organization, the National Parents Organization is dedicated to advocating for and furthering the cause of shared parenting. You can reach them at 617-431-8019.

The Children’s Rights Council

The Children’s Rights Council is one of the oldest, most well-respected organizations involved in fathers’ rights. Their mission advocates that the best parent is both parents, and that carries through even after the disuniting of the family. They are a wealth of information and support, and you can call them at 301-459-1220.

Legal Fathers’ Rights Helplines Provided by Fathers’ Rights Lawyers

The below are law fathers’ rights helplines, provided by attorneys. We do not have a relationship with any of these, nor do we endorse them, as we do not have any experience with them. If you call one of them they are likely to try to get you to retain them, however they will also likely either give you the information that you are seeking, or offer you a free or low-cost consultation.

Note that if you are likely to need an attorney, or switch from one attorney to another, it would be a good idea to read our advice on How to Tell if a Lawyer is the Right Lawyer for You, because even though a lawyer may be a good attorney for one person, and one circumstance, may not mean they are the right attorney for another or, more specifically, for you.

Fathers’ Rights Law Center: 800-452-9435

Family Law 888-848-8522

Family Law Legal Group: 484-200-7264

Cordell and Cordell: 866-323-7529

find a fathers rights helpline

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