Fathers are Parents Too: Episode 1 – Introduction

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In the first episode of Fathers are Parents Too, you are introduced to DadsRights.org founder Anne P Mitchell, and to Brent Wellman, Legislative Liaison for the Fathers Rights and Equality Exchange*, and Sandra Masnaghetti, producer and director of Fathers are Parents Too.


*The Fathers’ Rights and Equality Exchange (F.R.E.E.) was a fathers’ rights group based out of California.

NOTE: The first 4 episodes of Fathers are Parents Too have a slightly decayed video quality. Please bear with us, the production quality gets better after the first few episodes.

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1 thought on “Fathers are Parents Too: Episode 1 – Introduction

  1. On March 5th, 2020, I returned home from work at Umpqua Community College to my home in Roseburg Oregon to find that my daughter wasn’t home and there was a card on my front door. I called the number, and it was a State Actor from CPS named Jackie Wagoner. She informed me on the telephone that I did “Horrific Damage” to my child’s mouth, had photos and that she TOOK her from HER school Freemont Middle School and placed her at her mothers. No one called me, talked to me or anything. I work front desk then at the college so any calls would have come to me as I ran the Shor-tell for the school and was a Student Ambassador and Student relations specialist. It was finals week. I was in line for the Ford Foundation Scholarship for Single Parenting. Full ride. $40,000 a year. Jackie told me they were keeping my kid but, I could sign a 10 day to investigate it and stop that from happening. I did. They never talked to one witness, lied on paper, made up a false history, altered past documents and such and at the end of ten days, stole her under the color of law. There were no photos. There were witnesses. Mine. There’s turned out made up as well.
    It was later found her mother cut her braces and CPS knew the entire time. I have Sole Custody of my three children. CPS knew this as they were there in court when the Judge awarded it. It made them mad. They said “Men shouldn’t raise little girls and promised to aid my ex into stealing her as a team. They left the boys with me. Just took Iz. We have previous cares reports and court reports of CPS stating Mom had been coaching her with the custody judge even warning Jen and them to stay out of it yet, here we were….
    I found out from the Orthodontist that her mom illegally hired that CPS said I wasn’t allowed to talk to him. This was a lie and after threat of lawsuit he came clean that the mom did it. CPS reports he said I DID IT. He says they lied.
    I got sole custody of all three kids in Missouri from CPS 8 years previous, but Oregon COPS disputed it saying it wasn’t clear, so I had to REGO to custody court where I again, easily got sole custody. The mother agreed to it. CPS Missouri gave them to me because Mom molested them all with her partner and was on meth constantly. CPS OREGON wrote the opposite. Erased her name and put in mine saying I was on meth in Missouri and a bunch of fake nonsense and changed UN- FOUNDED into a founded. Well, JACKIE admitted to it in court anyway as the judge did NOTHING. Judge Thomas who used to work for CPS and was Juiced in as a Judge by them and not a Vote…. NOTHING WAS LEGAL. NOTHING. I worked at a High School as a Teacher Aide before UCC. I had to take federal fingerprint background checks to do this. As well the Ford Foundation checks to see if you and your kids do volunteer time extra curriculars , etc…. So, yeah… ☹
    There is a lot more. I raised my kids by myself most their lives. The last 10 single handed. Every Doc, Dentist, Conference, Jui Jitsu, Scouts, Awards, boo boo, sickness, EVERYTHING. NO HELP. AND GREAT at it. NO CALLS EVER until MOM got an inheritance she’s since blown. She went nuclear under CPS’s Control. Broke up with mom in 2006. Both remarried and divorced since. I’ve been single since 2016 on purpose. CPS in Oregon is Corrupt as they come. I want to sue them so bad. We are working on it. A friends mom worked as a paralegal under the Obama Admins teams Lawyers Paralegal (Ha ha) so THEY are putting together an outline to present and a friend is helping with financials.
    It took 2 years to do Jurisdiction and 8 lawyers. They tried to steal the boys later but failed. The original reason off the table. Final reason they took her///BREAKDOWN OF RELATIONSHIP… They showed my kid the fake reports until my kid THOUGHT I was bad by their brainwashing. I never did anything wrong. MOM has since lost her. I know not where she is. She was very loved and well taken care of. Girl scout and Honor student. The new case worker just talked her into dropping out of School. John Fett…. The supervisor is an evil fat lady. She said she knows I am innocent but, I can’t win in court so tuff.
    I haven’t seen my child in 2.5 years. They had her say she’d kill herself if she had to know me in court. She was put up to it. I never did anything wrong. The 2019 Cares reports and Jessica Wingler in custody court/ON PAPER/ addressed that Cares Reports show mom told her to do it yet they are playing dumb now to keep her. I moved to Maui to escape what they were doing to us. DHS helped Against CPS. CPS undid YEARS of therapy to all my kids from Missouri. Missouri also denies speaking with Oregon who reported otherwise. There is ZERO on me from there. CPS wrote 1000 pages of pure fiction I can prove otherwise. I need a Civil Lawyer. I have 1000’s of pages. Enough to prove a purposeful child trafficking ring. Premeditated.

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