Law Presuming Equal Parenting in Missouri to be Introduced in Missouri Legislature

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Missouri parents may find themselves one step closer to having the custody and parenting time playing field leveled, with the upcoming introduction of a bill which provides that when custody and parenting time are at issue, there is a presumption of shared custody.

The bill, to be introduced by December, creates a rebuttable presumption of shared custody, and that both parents are fit and willing to have shared custody. A ‘rebuttable presumption’ is a legal term meaning, in this context, that the default position is shared custody, but one or the other parent can introduce evidence as to why custody should not be shared.

In a town hall meeting held in Cape Girardeau on October 12th, Missouri Senator Wayne Wallingford explained that “We have a real problem and you know it or you wouldn’t be here. The ones that really get hurt are the children. When you go from being a parent to a visitor, something’s wrong.”

Also in attendance were state representatives Kathryn Swan of Cape Girardeau and Rick Francis of Perryville, and representatives from the Missouri Fathers’ Rights Movement and the National Parents Organization.

Said Rep. Kathryn Swan, “It’s imperative we stay focused. Focused on what’s best for our children. … It’s time we do the right thing for our Missouri children.”

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You can read the full coverage of that town meeting at the SEMissourian.

You can contact Representative Wallingford here and Representative Swan here.

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