New Dads Resource Center Provides Support for Single Fathers in Pennsylvania

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There is a new resource for single fathers in Centre County, Pennsylvania. The Dads Resource Center (or, as they refer to themselves, the ‘DRC’) is open for business, and that business includes “providing education, resources and advocacy for men in separated families who are determined to uphold their sacred responsibility as fathers.”


As the Dads Resource Center explains on their website, “Our approach is to work constructively (including within the civil legal, county and human services systems) to identify ways that we can enable and help fathers play the role that their children need. We are dedicated to helping fathers succeed.”

In a recent article about the DRC, in the Lockhaven Express, DRC Executive Director Jeff Steiner explains, “At our heart, we’re a children’s advocacy organization. The means to the end is to help support fathers. We all know by what we see in our lives and around us and it’s also proven by studies: children develop best and have greater success in life when they have the engaged involvement of both parents in their life.”

He went on to explain that “the purpose of the resource center is to ensure that any father who is willing to take on all aspects of the responsibility of fatherhood after a separation – financially, in terms of involvement and engagement in their children’s lives, and engaging in a good relationship with the mother – has the capacity to do so.”

While the Dads Resource Center is headquartered in Centre County (we believe in Bellefonte), at this point it time it appears to be a virtual resource center, rather than a brick-and-mortar facility. But don’t let that stop you from giving them a visit!

You can find them online at, and you can also find the Pennsylvania-based Dads Resource Center on Facebook.

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2 thoughts on “New Dads Resource Center Provides Support for Single Fathers in Pennsylvania

  1. Good afternoon, I am inquiring for a friend of mine that is a single father after a not so good breakup and the female put a PFA on him towards her and also his son. He is beyond destrot that he can only see his 4 year old 6 hrs a week. His ex was very violent and last encounter he defended himself and all was pointed as him being an abuser. I am trying to help encourage him abt support or dad’s near Scranton PA area so he go back to seeing and loving him like the great dad he is. I appreciate any help or guidance. Enjoy the day.

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