Police Stop 13-Year Old Boy with Alienated Father from Killing Self After Being Abandoned by His Mother

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Police in Dubai have kept a 13-year-old boy who was abandoned by his mother, after she had successfully alienated him from his father for many years, from committing suicide. The boy, left alone when his mother took off to the Netherlands, had called the police, saying that he was going to kill himself. After the police convinced the boy to let them into the apartment, where he was all alone, it became clear that he had in fact tried to cut his own wrists.


According to the local Khaleej Times, “When asked about his father, he said he didn’t want to see him, as he hated him because he was the cause of all his sufferings and never paid any attention to his needs.”

However, unconvinced, the police called the boy’s father, who told the police that since his ex-wife had received full custody, many years before, she had “sown seeds of hatred in the boy against his father.”

The mother had even convinced their son that it was his father’s fault that she suffered from a skin disease, and further had told their son that the reason she had to leave him alone and go to the Netherlands was to seek treatment for the condition. In fact, the police determined, she actually had gone to the Netherlands to find a new place to live.

The Human Rights Department of the Dubai Police has reunited the boy with his father, and is providing joint counselling for them. Said the Khaleej Times, “During some sessions with the boy and his father, it was revealed that the mother had created a lot of misunderstanding between them to keep the two apart. The man used to deposit child’s expenses – including his school fees – in the mother’s account to ensure that he did not discontinue studies. The father also expressed his regret for having been deprived to meet his son all these years.”

The Human Rights Department has also submitted a letter to the proper authorities to switch custody of the boy from the mother to his father, and in the meantime the boy is now staying with his father.

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