Father’s Day for Single Fathers – A Day to Celebrate Fatherhood No Matter What

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Father’s Day for single fathers can bring mixed emotions. Fathers Day for single dads can be a reminder of what once was; of Fathers’ Days past when dad was there in the mornings to greet the new day with their children, and at night to tuck them in. Or, Fathers Day for a single father may be looked forward to with joyful anticipation, if they get to spend Fathers Day with their child even after the disuniting of the family. Please remember that no matter whether you are able to spend this Father’s Day with your children or not, you are still, and always will be, their father. That is something that nobody can take away from you, ever.


[NOTE: Research shows that single fathers are at increased risk for suicide on Fathers’ Day. If you or a father you know are feeling depressed, please reach out to the suicide hotline at 1-800-SUICIDE. Your kids are never better off without you; they need you around.]

Whether you are able to spend Fathers Day with your kids, or won’t be able to spend time with them, or even if you are the parent who has primary custody, here is what you need to remember: Fathers Day is about celebrating fatherhood, and fathers everywhere. In fact, according to History.com, Fathers Day was founded by a grateful daughter, Sonora Dodd, in 1910. She founded it in honor of her own father, William Jackson Smart, a civil war veteran, who raised his six children (Sonora and her 5 siblings) as a single parent, in Spokane, Washington. Sonora got the idea after hearing talk of Mother’s Day, and thinking that fathers deserved a day too.

The thing is, whether you are able to spend the day with your child or not, they are your child. Nothing can change that, and while you may not be able to see them this Father’s Day, that doesn’t take away from the fact that you are their father, and as a father, you and your fatherhood are celebrated on Fathers Day. Not being with your children on Father’s Day or, even, maybe, for years, does not make you any less their father (even if there are some people in your life or their life who would suggest otherwise).

If you are able to spend time with your child or children this Father’s Day, enjoy and appreciate it. If you are not able to spend time with your children, it’s ok; we mean, we know it feels bad, but it’s ok. Still celebrate your fatherhood – spend time with a friend, meet up with a fathers’ rights group at their park day or picnic, or hey, stay home and binge on fatherhood-affirming movies. It really doesn’t matter what you do and how you do it, as long as you remember: nobody can take your fatherhood away from you.

Please drop us a note below letting us know what you are doing for Fathers’ Day, and also what some of your favorite fatherhood-affirming movies are!

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1 thought on “Father’s Day for Single Fathers – A Day to Celebrate Fatherhood No Matter What

  1. Hi
    I just read the article and wanted to say thank you for it. Although I’ve heard it countless times before and it sounds hollow, at least it’s still being said “no one can take your fatherhood away from you.” Just wish I could get rid of the sick feeling I get every time there’s some holiday involving “family” and it’s just one more time to know that my kids and I can’t be together….

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