Mother’s False Accusations Lead to Misuse of Amber Alert

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A mother’s false accusations led to the misuse of an Amber Alert, as well as the father being erroneously targeted as having “taken his child when he had no parental rights” (he actually does have parental rights), being identified as a “suspect”, and him having been taken into custody before everything was cleared up.


Last week Dale Craig, of Auburn, Indiana, took his 2-year-old son Kevin Craig, out of the home of Kevin’s mother, Angela Williams.

Williams then called the police, and alleged that 1) Dale Craig had battered her, and 2) that he had no parental rights to their son Kevin, and that despite that 3) that he had taken Kevin when he had left.

Based on Williams’ allegations, the police started looking for Dale and Kevin, and eventually a state-wide Amber Alert was issued.

According to WTHR, “The AMBER Alert was issued and police were able to locate Craig and the child at approximately 7:45 a.m. Police determined Craig was the father of the child and that he did have paternal rights.”

What’s more, says WTHR, “Craig told police Williams assaulted him with a knife and showed them cuts on his arm. Craig said he took the child away from the house because he feared for his safety as well as that of the child.”

The police reports actually show that the mother had been drinking.

Also, there were three other children in Williams’ home at the time. Now Indiana CPS is investigating.

But not before the father was the subject of both an Amber Alert, and a police search deeming him a “suspect”. founder attorney Anne P. Mitchell has railed against the way the Operation Amber alerts are used in what are not abductions at all, but parental squabbles, for years. You can read what she has to say about it here.

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