Celebrate National Download Day With These Dad-Friendly Apps

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We know. You’re almost sick of holidays, but there’s a good reason for you to save room for a few more. For instance, Dec. 28? National Download Day. Not only is every man, woman and child rushing to fill their new gadgets with content, but they’re getting ready for the New Year’s Resolution rush.


What will help make you happier?
Better adjusted?
What downloadables can make it easier for you to co-parent with your child’s mom or dad?

Tech can revolutionize your life. Here are our top 3 apps for single dads:

1. coParenter
Starting at $9.99 a month

Take a 30-day trial of this co-parenting mobile application available for iOS and Android. With coParenter, it’s easy to synchronize schedules, share important information, craft thoughtful messages and call in the troops when you need help. That’s true in more ways than one!

First, you can give access to your calendars and other information to key people in your children’s lives. Make it easy for grandparents, therapists and parents’ friends to stay on top of your family schedule.

Second,and most importantly, the app has two incredibly helpful features. Smart messaging acts as a type of emotional spell-check while texting and sending emails. If it doesn’t quite work? The app gives you instant access to live moderators and coaches who can help you through a co-parenting hiccup.

There’s also a solo feature for parents without co-parent support.

Not looking to spend $109 a year? Understandable. Check out AppClose for many of the same features, currently free.

2. Tinybeans

Nothing can spark a senseless fight with an ex like a social media post concerning the kids. If you’re tired of triple-checking your photos before posting them online, consider Tinybeans. Not only does this sweet application makes it simple to organize family photos, but you protect your child’s privacy as well. There are more creeps online than you think.

The Tinybeans family photo app makes it easy to upload photos of your little ones and restrict access to who can see, share and download them. Available for iOS and Android.

3. Talkspace
$65+ per week

A good therapist will help you process painful, stressful situations, as well as help you build the skills you need to navigate certain obstacles. Having someone right there to help you in a stressful situation? It can be worth its weight in gold. Still, finding time to see a therapist can be tough.

Bring the professional to you with Talkspace for iOS and Android. You’ll be matched to one of the networks 5000+ licensed therapists for help dealing with depression, stress and other problems.

Co-parenting is tough enough without having to go at it alone. Do your best with the youngest generation with help from next-gen resources. Have any apps that make your life easier? Be sure to drop them below!

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