Finding an Ohio Divorce Lawyer, Ohio Custody Lawyer, or Ohio Child Support Lawyer for Men

Summary: Ohio divorce and other family law issues such as child support, child custody, and visitation (timeshare) in Ohio can be extremely difficult, but having the right Ohio custody and child support lawyer or other Ohio attorney can make all the difference in the world. Just as you would not go on safari in the jungle without an experienced guide, nor can you afford to risk your child's future, and the future of your relationship with your child, by venturing into the jungle of Ohio family law without an experienced guide: an expert Ohio family law attorney. Here are some tips on finding the right Ohio lawyer for you.

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The following is general information which you can use to help you find an Ohio divorce, custody or child support lawyer for fathers. As is the case with many things, the very best way to find an Ohio family law attorney is to ask others you know who have been through divorces or other family law situations in Ohio, and to get referrals from them. However, this is not always possible. In that case, you will want to contact Ohio bar associations and legal organizations for recommendations and referrals.

Generally speaking, when contacting an Ohio bar or other association to find an Ohio lawyer, it will be helpful for you to briefly explain your situation, why you need an Ohio lawyer, which party you are, and whether you are filing a new case or this is an existing Ohio family law case (and if the latter, what stage of your case you are in), so that they can best match you with the most appropriate Ohio lawyer.

Make sure to emphasize that you need someone who is familiar with and believes in childrens' needs to have an ongoing relationship with their father after divorce. You should also ask them how they select their referral lawyers and, if appropriate to your situation, whether they have any sliding-scale fee programs or programs for low-income clients, as many state bar associations do offer such programs. Also be sure to ask about any law schools or other organizations in the area which may offer legal clinics or other practical or financial legal assistance for obtaining representation by an Ohio lawyer.

Also, don't turn up your nose at referrals to Ohio lawyers who seem like they may not specialize in family law. If they don't themselves practice family law, they can still be a great referral source to other Ohio lawyers who do practice family law. In fact they are sometimes the best referral source, as they know how good someone is, and have no reason to try to keep you as a client themselves.

Please remember that whenever there are issues relating to custody, timeshare (visitation) and child support in Ohio, it is always better to try to resolve them directly with your ex, between yourselves, or with a counsellor or mediator, than to go to court. But it is still critical to have an Ohio lawyer who understands the rules, requirements, and pitfalls of the legal system in Ohio. Your Ohio lawyer will act as your guide to help you navigate the terrain and negotiate successfully to arrive at a successful outcome for you and your children, within the framework of the various laws and legal quirks of the state of Ohio.

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