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safety during custody exchanges

Angry Mother Tries to Kill Ex During Custody Exchange, Murders Their Child Instead

Undra Henderson fought hard to keep his child safe. The system let them down time and time again. Their story isn’t unique enough for you to let your guard down. If you’re at all worried about your safety, take these extra steps to protect yourself and your child. Get fathers’ rights news right in your […]

Parental Alienation and other Domestic Violence

UK Parents Needed for Studies on Parental Alienation, Court Abuse, and Also Need Victims of Domestic, Economic, and Emotional Abuse

UK parents are being asked to take part in surveys on parental alientation and other forms of domestic violence. Protect your anonymity while helping to shape policies in the United Kingdom.

dad proves allegations were lies

Arizona DCS Lied About a Single Father in Order to Terminate his Rights — and He Proved It

A single father whose parental rights were wrongly terminated won an appeal against the Arizona Department of Child Safety based on the agency falsifying evidence and interfering with the reunification process. According to, the mother of the child had her rights terminated shortly after birth in 2015. The father, known in court documents as […]