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They’re Your Kids Too: The Single Father’s Guide to Defending Your Fatherhood in a Broken Family Law System was written by acclaimed fathers’ rights lawyer Anne P. Mitchell.

  • Learn the truth about how custody and parenting time are allocated
  • Learn how support calculations work and what goes into them
  • Help your kids adjust
  • Thwart Parental Alienation
  • Stop False Allegations of Abuse Dead in Their Tracks
  • Prevent Parental Abduction & Kidnapping

Buy the print version for $15.95 on Amazon or instant download it now for only $9.95!

Real Reviews from Real Fathers

I was in court today about false allegations that gave me twenty one days without seeing my children. My soon to be ex wife tried to run the show but I soon got the judge to see that she is a little control freak… and I can now see my children again. She lost almost everything she wanted. I used your tips and came out on top. The only thing she won was a one year restraining order against her… Thats fine with me but the main thing is I get to be with my two little boys again. Thank you again. – Peter

Well written and full of good advice for fathers. Too bad the court system only looks at fathers as a payment source while denying the children of equal time with their dad. – Joe

This book arms you with information you probably don’t even know that you want to know. I strongly suggest any father going through divorce read this. Know your rights or they WILL get trampled. Don’t be a victim! Stand up and fight this war on fathers and stop being seen as a dollar sign. This is where men can bond in solidarity and fight a corrupt family court system. This book is a tool to arm you with information to protect your interests as a father and preserve your relationship with your children rather than try to rebuild something later in life. Do yourself a favor and check it out. 5stars. – Myk

Buy the print version for $15.95 on Amazon or instant download it now for only $9.95!

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