Dads Rights Academy

Whether you’re in the middle of an ongoing family law situation, or headed into one, you can’t afford not to have the information and knowledge you will get with Dads Rights Academy.

Dads Rights Academy contains everything that you need to know – and much of it things that nobody else will tell you, including your own attorney!

Originally taught as a five-class live workshop by fathers’ rights attorney and law professor Anne P. Mitchell, the Dads Rights Academy download features the audio of all five classes, as well as text materials, and covers everything you need to know, as well as providing you with the inside secrets that most lawyers won’t tell you about.

Anne Mitchell is amazing! She successfully guided me through the challenges of family court. Through her sound legal counsel and insightful advice I was able to regain custody of my then infant daughter and my sanity. She has had a profound impact on our lives. My daughter Amanda and I are forever grateful.” – David J.


Module #1 – Understanding the System
We’ll bet that you thought that the legal system was about fairness and equity, didn’t you? Well, in many parts of the legal system it is, but not in the family law system! Understanding what the system is really about, and how it operates, is the first step.

Module #2 – Understanding Everybody’s Roles
From society, to the family law system, to your family and friends, everybody plays a role in how things got to where they are, and where things are going to end up! Understanding how things got to where they are is an important part of turning things around, and getting them to where you want them to be.

Module #3 – Custody and Parenting Time
An in-depth discussion about the factors that go into determinations of custody and parenting time, and how to position your situation so that you can work to get what you really want in terms of access to and time with your children.

Module #4 – Specific Situations
Parental alienation, false allegations of abuse, parental kidnapping, exes with new spouses, exes who won’t work, and more.

Module #5 – Financial Matters
Child support, spousal support, exes who won’t cooperate with selling the family home, financial disclosures, and more.

PLUS you get a digital copy of the most current edition of They’re Your Kids Too: The Single Father’s Guide to Defending Your Fatherhood in a Broken Family Law System, included at no extra charge.

And not only that, but once you are a member of Dads Rights Academy, you can have Ms. Mitchell consult with your own attorney with a “two heads are better than one” consultation at a special, reduced Dads Rights Academy member rate!

And you get all of this, with immediate download of the Dads Rights Academy modules, for only $247 – less than it typically costs for an hour with an attorney!