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Study Finds the Importance of Nightly Bedtime Stories with Dad

A common concern amongst single dads is finding ways to be a part of their children’s lives in a meaningful way during non-parenting time. This is especially challenging for military dads, who find themselves deployed overseas for long periods of time; it can be distressing for them to feel like they’re not as active in […]

single father

Single Dads Reveal the Challenges of Raising Kids Alone

When a Reddit user recently posted the question “What are some hardships you have to endure that people don’t seem to understand?” to subreddit r/AskMen, over 3,000 users flooded the post with their personal anecdotes, summing up their experiences, ranging from sad to hilarious. Get fathers’ rights news right in your inbox!

50-50 custody

Iowa Considers 50-50 Custody Law Critics Say Would Draw Cases Out, Increase Costs

Photo by from Pexels Like many states, Iowa is contemplating a new bill which would begin custody negotiations with  parents sharing rights and responsibilities equally. The fathers’ rights group has been fighting for such a law for nearly 20 years, and the Iowa Senate passed a bill last year 50-0 in support. Unfortunately, the Iowa […]