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They’re Your Kids Too: The Single Father’s Guide to Defending Your Fatherhood in a Broken Family Law SystemThey’re Your Kids Too: The Single Father’s Guide to Defending Your Fatherhood in a Broken Family Law System is the must-have book for any single or soon-to-be-single father (or anyone involved with a single father). Written by fathers’ rights attorney and founder Anne P. Mitchell, this straight-forward, easy-to-read book is jam-packed with advice, yet gets right to the point and tells you everything that you need to know. They’re Your Kids Too is currently #1 on Amazon in the Family & Health Law > Marriage category on Kindle, and #11 in all books on Family Law > Marriage on Amazon! To read more information and reviews about They’re Your Kids Too, download They’re Your Kids Too, or buy the print version of They’re Your Kids Too on Amazon, go here.

State-by-State Directory of Legal Organizations and Referral Agencies If you are a single father, you need this information! Even if you live in the same state as your ex and your children – and especially if you live in different states – having the information for all 50 states means that you won’t have to lose precious time scrambling to find a lawyer, whether in your own state, or in that state to which your ex just took the kids. Plus, you can use it to help your friends find legal services! In this day and age of Facebook and Twitter, who doesn’t have a friend in another state who is going through a divorce? Read more about the State by State Legal Directory and download it here.


You know how sometimes you have to laugh so that you don’t cry?’s weekly cartoons, which are published on our Facebook page, take a look at some of situations that single fathers and their children find themselves in while trying to maintain their relationship. Usually humorous, often poignant, you’ll find yourself laughing, cheering, and shaking your head at our cartoons. Each ebook contains all of the cartoons for the given year.

Dads Rights Cartoons – Volume 2

Dads Rights Cartoons – Volume 1

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