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How Single Parents can Turn the Stress of the Holiday Season Into Fond Memories Your Children Will Cherish

The holiday season is rife with harsh memories and emotions, especially for disunited families,  that can leave some single parents – and their children – feeling overwhelmed. Care for yourself during the holidays by managing stressors in healthy ways.

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Biological Father Awarded Parenting Rights in California Case Recognizing Three Parents

On Tuesday, Nov. 13, California’s Third District Court of Appeal found in favor of a biological father (known as C.A.) who now shares parenting rights with a married woman and her husband.

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Supreme Court of India Says Fathers Can Remarry and Retain Custody

The Supreme Court of India says parents can remarry without risking custody.

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Custody Battle Possible Motive for Double Homicide

Investigators say a heated custody battle could play a role in the Sodus murders of Joshua Niles and Amber Washburn.