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Is Co-parenting a Good Idea for Fathers?

Most men dream of raising their children inside a happy, supportive family, and they pour their hearts out to their children as they grow.
But sometimes divorce shatters the dream of a happy family under one roof. When this happens, kids are often the biggest victims. Co-parenting goes a long way towards reducing the impact of divorce on kids. It is true that co-parenting comes with its fair share of challenges. But beyond all the misunderstandings and frustrations, choosing co-parenting is one of the greatest decisions you could ever make post-divorce.

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Do Child Support Payments Include Retirement Benefits or Financial Losses?

We received a question regarding child support payments from a dad in Colorado. In addition to advising him to contact a child support lawyer in Colorado, we figured that we should share some general advice about child support payments, retirement benefits, and financial losses, as well as briefly explain the differences between a community property state and an equitable distribution state.

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Is His 401k Community Property?

Dear Esq,   My husband and I have been married for 21 years. We live in California, and I am considering a divorce. Is his 401K considered community property? What about our separate IRA accounts? Wondering — Dear Wondering, California is indeed a community property state. Generally speaking, anything acquired…