State-by-State Directory of Legal Organizations and Referral Agencies – Updated for 2016

The 2016 United States Directory of Legal Organizations and Referral Agencies is now available!

If you are a single father, you need this information! Even if you live in the same state as your ex and your children – and especially if you live in different states – having the information for all 50 states means that you won’t have to lose precious time scrambling to find a lawyer, whether in your own state, or in that state to which your ex just took the kids. Plus, you can use it to help your friends find legal services! In this day and age of Facebook and Twitter, who doesn’t have a friend in another state who is going through a divorce?

dadsrights legal directory image

Our directory features nearly 150 pages of legal organizations and referral agencies in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, organized by state. Where available, it also lists fathers’ and men’s rights organizations (not all states have men’s organizations, but all states have legal and referral organizations).

This searchable PDF features a clickable table of contents (TOC), and links to the organizations’ websites where applicable, along with contact information including address and telephone number for each organization.

NOTE: The Table of Contents only lists major metropolitan areas for ease of use – for all areas, all legal organizations, and all agencies in a state, go to the section for that state.

The Directory is available now for instant download for only $14.95!

Get your directory now!