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A Summary of the Fair Credit Reporting Act

By Gary Gresham / Jul 13, 2005 Summary: With the free credit report act having gone into effect, there is just no excuse for not getting a handle on your own credit situation. This article explains your rights under both the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the free credit report act, and how you can […]

Repair Your Credit Like A Financial Expert

By John Simpson / Jul 13, 2005, 22:11 Summary: Free credit reports are the key to starting the process of credit repair. This article tells you how to do your own credit repair in three easy steps. Note: Guest Author articles made available as a courtesy to our readers. The advice and opinions expressed therein […]

Eight Ways to Sink Yourself Financially

By Richmond Acheampong / Jul 13, 2005, 22:05 Summary: Credit cards, financial plans, and investments all have both good and bad sides. If you don’t put them to good use, or abuse them, or, in some cases, don’t have them at all, it can lead to financial difficulties or even bankruptcy. Here are eight things […]

Help to Get Out of Debt

By Janet Williams / Jul 13, 2005, 21:29 Summary: Debt consolidation and debt management are two ways to help deal with credit card debt, and other crushing debt. Debt consolitation and debt management services are available to help provide debt help, and to help you obtain debt relief. Note: Guest Author articles made available as […]

Debt Management and Debt Help for Single Fathers

Summary: Debt management, debt help, and expense management are doubly daunting for the divorced or single father who often has to support more than one household. This article contains information which may provide some surprising and welcome relief. Credit and debt issues are some of the most difficult practical issues facing single fathers today, second […]