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Are Gambling Losses Tax Deductible?

Summary: My wife and I took a trip to Las Vegas this year, and while we did not go over our budget, we did suffer a bit of a loss at the blackjack table in the casino. I have been told by a friend that it may be possible to deduct my gambling losses on […]

Why Isn’t Child Support Tax Deductible or Pre-Tax?

Dear Esq., Thank you for reading my e-mail. You are the one I was hoping to contact and get some insight on an issue that has me quite perplexed. The issue is “Child Support”. It is based on gross income and then age of children and number of children. Right? Well then a dollar amount […]

Is His 401k Community Property?

Dear Esq, My husband and I have been married for 21 years. We live in California, and I am considering a divorce. Is his 401K considered community property? What about our separate IRA accounts? Wondering —  Get fathers’ rights news right in your inbox! Dear Wondering, California is indeed a community property state. Generally speaking, […]