Male Victims of Sexual Abuse

By Pitzer Nov 28, 2004, 00:29 Summary: Throughout the past decade, there has been an increase in reports of child sexual abuse, largely because of improved education and prevention efforts. But the focus historically has been on female victims, with minimal attention to boys and adult male survivors. Personal beliefs and societal biases make male […]

operation amber alert

A Rant About Operation Amber

This is a rant which has been a long time in coming. That’s because I see it nearly every day. You see, I subscribe to the Operation Amber mailing list. That’s pretty amazing to think about, isn’t it? That there are Amber Alerts every single day. And that’s the issue. And that’s what this rant […]

How Do We Track Down a Missing Child or Grandchild?

Dear Esq., How do we find an address for our missing grandson? Before custody papers were filed my son’s ex-girlfriend fled with his son. The courts, lawyers, and everyone we have talked to cannot help until he gets an address to serve her papers for visitation. How do we get an address? We know the […]

Frustration or Denial of Visitation

Dear Esq., What is considered reasonable visitation? I would love to get my children as much as I can. Can you offer any advice? Thanks! Ken — Dear Ken, Perhaps no divorce or custody decree language has caused more trouble for fathers, mothers, and children, but most especially fathers, than the “reasonable visitation” language. This […]