What are a Father's Rights to His Child in 2023?
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Need a Fathers Rights Helpline? Try One of These 9 Free Hotlines

Trying to find a fathers rights helpline, especially in a time of need, can be daunting. You may already be stressed, or frustrated, and then trying to find a fathers rights helpline, let alone one that is legit, can add to the stress. Here are a few dads rights helplines that you can try. Keep in mind that most fathers rights hotlines can’t give straight up legal advice, because they are not staffed by lawyers. However, if you need fathers rights legal advice, most fathers rights lawyers and law firms will give you either a free or low-cost consultation. If you do specifically need legal advice concerning fathers rights, we also list a few fathers’ rights legal helplines maintained by lawyers and law firms at the end of this article, but do be aware that they are likely to soft-sell you to retain their firm.