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Father’s Day for Single Fathers – A Day to Celebrate Fatherhood No Matter What

Father’s Day for single fathers can bring mixed emotions. Fathers Day for single dads can be a reminder of what once was; of Fathers’ Days past when dad was there in the mornings to greet the new day with their children, and at night to tuck them in. Or, Fathers Day for a single father may be looked forward to with joyful anticipation, if they get to spend Fathers Day with their child even after the disuniting of the family. Please remember that no matter whether you are able to spend this Father’s Day with your children or not, you are still, and always will be, their father. That is something that nobody can take away from you, ever.

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Is Child Support Tax Deductible? No, and Here’s Why.

We often get asked is child support tax deductible, in other words is child support deductible on taxes? We also get asked can you claim taxes on child support. The answer to all of these is “no”, you can’t deduct child support paid from your gross income, nor does someone have to claim child support as income. Here’s a plain English explanation as to why.