dad changing baby's diaper
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Posted in Custody & Parenting Time

Single Dads vs. Diapers: The Best Ways for Dads to Change Diapers on the Go

Single dads face complications when changing diapers on the go. Don’t let that be an obstacle to going places with your child.

international parental kidnapping girl with "we don't have time" sign
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Posted in Parental Kidnapping

How to Get Your Kids Back Once They’re Overseas

Military dads can prevent international parental kidnapping while they’re deployed.

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Posted in Fathers and Society Starts New Facebook Group for Single Fathers Who Need Support

Since 1998, we’ve worked hard to be an online resource for single dads who needed advice and support. Now we have one more way of helping make that happen with our new Facebook group.

A Fathers Rights for Child Support Depends on This Factors
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Posted in Tax Matters

2021 Stimulus Check Will Not Be Garnished for Child Support According to IRS

If you or your spouse lost out on the first stimulus payment due to child support debt, you won’t have to worry about your second payment being garnished.

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Posted in Fathers and Society

The Most-Read and Popular Fathers’ Rights Articles Read by Dads in 2020

Reviewing the articles from the past year that got the most attention was somewhat surreal.