stay-at-home dads
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More Dads Staying Home and Being At-Home Parents as Pandemic Changes Social Norms

As Covid closed down businesses across the country, researchers noted a confusing trend. Even in households where women were earning more than men, moms were choosing to leave the workforce to look after their children. But in some situations, the practical constraints of the pandemic forced families to confront the social bias against fathers that has lasted for decades.

kids jailed for refusing to see dad
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Judge Jails Two Teens for Refusing to Spend Time with Dad

Physical and mental health risks aside, it’s important to note that neither boy committed a crime in Ohio. Criminalizing teens who avoid their parents doesn’t help families bond.

The Best TikTok PSA We've Seen
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The Best TikTok PSA We’ve Seen

There is a trend on TikTok right now to post PSAs to the tune of “If You’re Happy” and this is by far the best one we’ve seen!