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Would You Trust Your Child to Arrange Your Next Relationship?

What happens when single dads are ready to date again? While it’s harder to set the right expectations, a healthy foundation offers everyone benefits.

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Dads in Japan Face Absurd Level of Scrutiny When Out Alone With Their Kids

Can you imagine living in a country where seeing a father alone with his child was so rare that it seemed an acceptable reason to call the police?

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If My Ex Has a Restraining Order Against Me, Can She Contact Me? How to Safely Contest a Request for an Order of Protection

While restraining orders are sometimes needed to protect victims of domestic violence, they’re now commonly used to give one party a leg-up in a divorce. Here’s what to do if you’re falsely accused.

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Study Accidentally Finds that Courts are Taking Claims of Parental Alienation in the Face of False Allegations of Abuse More Seriously

A new study shows courts are taking a more serious stance on allegations of parental alienation when it is accompanied by potentially false claims of abuse. Of course, that wasn’t its purpose.