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Study Finds the Importance of Nightly Bedtime Stories with Dad

A common concern amongst single dads is finding ways to be a part of their children’s lives in a meaningful way during non-parenting time. This is especially challenging for military dads, who find themselves deployed overseas for long periods of time; it can be distressing for them to feel like they’re not as active in the lives of their children as they’d like. A study about regular storytime may hold part of the answer, and inspire some creative ways to allay this concern.

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Grown Kids of Single Fathers Share Their Favorite Memories of Dad

If we learned anything in our recent article about hardships faced by dads, a recurring challenge is unsolicited commentary about how much better off the kids would be with their mothers.

how to divorce without hurting your child
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Pitt-Jolie Divorce Brings California’s Curious Bifurcation Laws to Light

Few couples have disrupted Hollywood with their divorce antics in recent years like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Rumors of child abuse, infidelity, alcoholism and alienation aside, the contentious battle has brought to light a loophole in California divorce law that could lessen child trauma.   The Beginning of the…

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Single Dads Reveal the Challenges of Raising Kids Alone

When a Reddit user recently posted the question “What are some hardships you have to endure that people don’t seem to understand?” to subreddit r/AskMen, over 3,000 users flooded the post with their personal anecdotes, summing up their experiences, ranging from sad to hilarious.

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Ariana Bozemen Returns — Missing Girl Reunited With Father, Mother Charged with Felony After Year on the Run

In August 2018, police in Enoch, UT, filed a missing person’s report for Ariana Bozemen, age 9. The girl disappeared days after a judge awarded her father sole custody. Last week, authorities found the girl with her mother, Dawn Closson, and other family at a rest stop in Florida. Despite…

50-50 custody
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Iowa Considers 50-50 Custody Law Critics Say Would Draw Cases Out, Increase Costs

Photo by from Pexels Like many states, Iowa is contemplating a new bill which would begin custody negotiations with  parents sharing rights and responsibilities equally. The fathers’ rights group has been fighting for such a law for nearly 20 years, and the Iowa Senate passed a bill last year 50-0…