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Pro-Dad Attitudes Key to Improving Child Support Recovery Rates

Simply changing the wording at various stages of the child support process demonstrated a 54 percent improvement in effectiveness. When dads are invited, encouraged and appreciated it is more beneficial to families, to children and to state budgets than the current trend toward criminalization.

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Proposed Parenting Time Rule Changes in Japan Could Spell Good News for Single Fathers

Custody and parenting time is handled differently in Japan than it is in the West, though new rules could change things. Efforts are aimed at making child exchanges easier and more enforceable.

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How Both Dr. Blasey Ford and Judge Kavanaugh Could be Telling the Truth

It may go down in history as the most notorious ‘he said – she said’ of all time, not to mention the most divisive. The nation has been gripped by the compelling story of a vulnerable teenaged girl, at a drunken gathering, being led into a bedroom, thrown down on the bed, and having her mouth covered when she tried to scream. The nation was equally gripped, and either convinced or disgusted by, the accused’s complete and absolute denial that he was the culprit.

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Kansas says Father Whose Child Adopted Away without his Knowledge or Consent has Rights to His Child

The Kansas Supreme Court granted a biological father parental rights to a child given up for adoption without proper notice.