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Australia ‘Sperm Donor’ Seeks Parental Rights

Sperm donorship became more popular in the ‘80s as single women became more confident in their choices to raise a child without the help of a male partner. The law sided with women’s rights, but now courts are focused on their children’s rights.

child support
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Should Child Support Cover School Supplies?

Some divorced parents wind up fighting over the cost of school supplies. How you handle this legally has more to do with your divorce decree than anything.

biological dads rights
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Biological Dads Gain More Rights in Florida Courts

The decision in a new Florida case has made it easier for biological dads to have a chance at custody, but it won’t be as simple as showing up to court.

books for divorced men
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The 7 Books Divorcing, Divorced, and Single Fathers Need

Books for divorced dads will help you navigate some of the toughest challenges you can face during and after the process. Fupping recently published their list of the best seven books for divorced men, and here is our rundown of them.