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Single Dads at Increased Risk of Suicide on Father’s Day

For thousands of fathers in America, Father’s Day was one of the few days this year they were able to see their children. For others, it was another day spent in a seemingly endless custody battle against a system that was stacked against them from the start. For far too many, that battle proved too much and their Father’s Day ended tragically in suicide. What should be a happy day to celebrate fatherhood and the important male figures in our lives, turns out to be one of the five holidays with the most suicide attempts in the United States.

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Equal Custody Rights for Fathers Blocked by Special Interests

The National Parents Organization has polled the American public in several states and found that the vast majority, over 70%, support joint physical custody after divorce whenever possible. Increasingly, old fashioned ideas have fallen out of favor — that children belong with their nurturing, caregiver mothers, while the role of…

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State by State Breakdown of Average Parenting Time for Dads – Which States Give the Most and Least Time to Fathers

A study commissioned by the CustodyXChange, just in time for Father’s Day, has determined how much parenting time fathers are given, on average, in each state in the United States. Somewhat surprisingly, the study found that there are twenty states that generally give equal time to both parents, in other words 50/50 custody. On the other hand, there are 24 states that give fathers less than 30% parenting time, and 7 states that give fathers and their children less than 24% of the time together.