Woman Tries to Pin Boyfriend’s Sex Abuse of Toddler Daughters on Their Father – Has Rights Terminated

A Michigan woman who last year tried to blame her ex, the father of her twin toddler daughters, for sexual abuse of their daughters, when her new boyfriend was actually the perpetrator, has had her parental rights terminated, in addition to serving 30 days in jail, and having two years of probation. The girls’ father now has full custody.

According to the Coldwater, Michigan Daily Reporter, the mother, Mercede Miller, first tried to give her new boyfriend of one month an alibi, then claimed that the abuse happened while the girls were with their father.


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The court noted that “there was overwhelming evidence that she took calculated steps to shield her boyfriend from sexual assault accusations, leaving her children vulnerable,” and that she took no steps to protect her children from her boyfriend, or to get them medical care, and that “[o]nly after her boyfriend was charged with sexually abusing the minor children and sent to jail did (she) break up with him.”

You can read the full story here.

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