Would you accept your child's decision?

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    If your child didn’t want to see you on ‘your’ weekend or time, do you think they should be forced, how would you deal with this?

    I have a friend and she pretty much has to force her kids a lot of the time to see their dad, they like him, but find it boring at his house! If they were not to go however, it reflects badly on her. She tells them when they are older they can make their own decision not to go.

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    … I believe it may depend more so on the state you are in or even county.
    Here in Jersey, they have basically said the child has the right to refuse visitation if they want around the age of 14/15. My son is turning 18 and thankfully he has not refused to come over but he is not happy being around all of us – my current girlfriend and her kids.
    Slippery slope… but I would call the courts first and see if there is anything in writing first. Then take it a step farther with an attorney if there is nothing in writing… although that could prove to be detrimental if the child simply does not want to go and is being forced.

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    I’m living this right now. My 15 yr old D decided in June she wanted to spend the majority of the time with her mother, we have 50/50 per the parenting plan. I chose not to force it for several reasons, first I could go at the appointed time and when she refused call the police to enforce the order but that would only undermine our relationship further, second the time at my house is just me and her and that can’t appeal to many teenagers, and I can’t compete with the high dollar entertainment that her mother gives her (frequent week long vacations to beaches or other exciting places)

    it stinks not seeing her as much but at least the time we do spend together is on good terms and not forced

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