Single father wins case in ‘Pro Per’ !!

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    Brian Armstrong
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    Hello :)
    Im not sure if is what it is cracked up to be, but here i go.
    So after 8 years in Divorce Court, having to finally represent myself in ‘Pro Per’ against my ex wife and her $450 per hour attorney, I was awarded “BACK SPOUSAL SUPPORT” for an entire year ($10,000.00) after proving that not only did said attorney and ex wife commit PERJURY and were in CONTEMPT OF COURT on multiple occasions, but the prior ‘4’ Judges in our case (who were all removed due to ‘ABUSE OF DISCRETION’ upon the filing of 3 Appeals) were found similarly corrupt, and I am now on a mission to clean up the entire Southern California Family Court System in Criminal Court and with the help of my Congressman and the new U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.
    My hope is that my story will give HOPE to other single fathers who have been lied to and given unfavorable Rulings in this court and others, and that would somehow acknowledge this message and story and use it to help other fathers??? Blessings good Dads… :)
    Mr. Armstrong ‘Pro Per’

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    That is AWESOME news!!!

    (What are we cracked up to be? :-) )

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    Nimble Dad
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    Brian – Congratulations! It is absolutely an uphill but winnable battle. I would like to connect with your efforts, although I am in Iowa. I have many clients that are having a very difficult time connecting with their children. Some are legitimately being restricted but have no avenues to reestablish their bond with their child. Most of them have faced similar problems as you, with their ex having been vindictive and falsely filing charges or lying in court documents.

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      Brian Armstrong
      • Glendale, CA.
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      Hello Nimble Dad and please forgive me for the delayed reply :(
      As you can imagine, i am quite busy for so many reasons.

      I would not only be happy, but honored to assist with ANY and ALL Fathers who are having a rough time in the courts.

      As you might imagine Nimble, the So. Cal Court System is particularly hard on “MEN” and the system is not only rigged toward women, but completely CORRUPTED as well.

      I am 58 yrs old, and considering retiring early at 60 to take my case to the NEW U.S. Attorney General and the NEW Justice Dept. in D.C.

      I have been in court for 8 years fighting the system, from the Superior, to 3 times in the Appellate (Los Angeles) and one time filing with the CA. State Supreme Court (San Fransisco), but was of course rejected as they only take 2% of all applications to be heard, and most of those are for Major Criminal cases, Death Penalty etc…. for which i can understand.

      Unfortunately Nimble, 2% just doesn’t cut it when it comes to “JUSTICE FOR ALL” in our Country, and in particular, the CHILDREN OF DIVORCE!

      [FYI Our CA. State Supreme Court Chief Justice is of course a female, whose background and associations with a multitude of Feminist organizations etc…. does in my opinion DISQUALIFY HER for the job she is currently in!]

      Bottom line Nimble, I will be submitting a Request for a complete U.S. Justice Dept. investigation and Grand Jury convention, to investigate the entire So. Cal. Justice System (particularly Family Court) as I have in my possession a multitude of written statements of “PERJURY, CONTEMPT and DOWN RIGHT COLLUSION” between the top rated Divorce Attorney in CA., the Superior Court, the Clerk’s Office, the Appellate Court, the Sheriff’s Dept. (Levying of Wage Assignments against me and my minor daughter, whom I was given and still have 85% Custody of for the past 8 years) and of course the CA. State Supreme Court.

      I will be needing assistance from Counsel OUTSIDE OF CALIFORNIA to ensure that there are no further instances of Collusion, Corruption etc……
      I will also be availing the assistance of the organization “JUDICIAL WATCH” and possibly the “ACLJ” if they are interested.

      If you are interested Nimble in working with me on a multi million dollar lawsuit against the above, in an effort to “drain the CA. Court swamp” as it were, please contact me?

      Thank you for your time and I wish the best to your current and past clients,
      Brian Armstrong 818 489-1736

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