How to earn your children's love back?

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    I was just wondering: for those of us who have children who have not yet reached an age at which their minds can process and analyze events logically, are there any efficient ways of earning your children’s love back if the ex-spouse, who holds their custody, poisons their minds with lies about you and manages to turn them against you?

    What do you do if during those few days you’re allowed to have the children, they tell you reproachful things that they have learned from your ex-spouse?

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    This is the kind of thing that really messes kids us, one parent feeding them lies about another, yet sending them to spend time with them all the same. Sorry, no advice, but I can feel your frustration.

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    Get a tape recorder and record anything the child tells you that their mother has said. You can then present this to a judge, they do not like parents who poison children’s minds with lies.

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