Fight for your child's right to have their dad involved.

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    I am in the middle of a custody battle for my sweet little girl. Her mother has tried to manipulate and control everything. I will post later how things go, but want to tell everyone one thing…
    Fight for your child’s right to have you in their life. It’s not about what mom or dad want. The innocent child has the right to know, love, and spend time with BOTH parents equally unless a valid reason is proven otherwise. And for you dads that were not married to the mother… You STILL have rights. You need to excercise them. If you signed the paternity paperwork admitting to be the father, then you have just as much right to file for custody as the mother does. And until she has court paperwork saying otherwise, NEITHER of you has more right than the other if the child is in your care at the time. Hope this might help someone out there.

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    VERY wise and accurate advice, Drummer Dan! Welcome to the forums!

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    Look for an attorney that is passionate about fathers rights in Illinois (preferably) Cook county and FAIR financially. Any suggestions?
    Any way to come to an agreement upfront that prevents us from being taken advantage of financially from our own attorneys?

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