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    I was raised in a complete family so I have not experienced the effect of divorce as a child. My fear is that it will likely experience by my children because my wife and I separated ways, she brought our two sons and filed a divorce. I’m afraid with its effect s to my sons. What are the devastating results of divorce for them? Could they still live a normal life eventually?

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    I think it all depends on what kind of environment you and your wife are willing to make man. I experienced it with my parents when I was a teenager, even though they were having problems since I was like 11 years old. At first it was pretty toxic with them arguing with each other a lot, but eventually they learned to get over their own ego’s and set it aside for me and my brothers.

    As long as you put the kids first and try to work and get along it’ll be different, and maybe difficult, but shouldn’t be too devastating.

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    I don’t think the point is that you are divorced, but the environment they are provided with and the examples you are as parents and people. Plenty of children grow up in ‘complete’ yet destructive families, and many kids from single parent household grown up well adjusted and secure. It hasn’t been written yet, you get to provide how smoothly things go from here.

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