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    Ok… next year will be that time for me.

    I am in NEW JERSEY and have spoken briefly with the courts and an attorney but have not retained anyone yet.

    My ultimate questions/concerns are as follows:
    1: My son is old enough to decide if he does or doesn’t want to come over… even the attorney has mentioned this. BUT…if he decides to not come over, not because there is any neglect or abuse… mainly because he has no rules at his mom’s and can do what he wants, but if he does decide that then I am worried she can up the calculated support based on him being with her for more nights… yes? no?

    2. At age 18, the court ordered visitation ceases… even the courts told me that. He can still continue to come over but he is not ordered any longer by the courts. Is there anything that can be done to get time with him other than put him on a guilt trip?

    3. COLLEGE: He has decided to go to community college and here in NJ based on his acedemics he can go almost 100% free. So… the attorney has told me to speak to him near the end of his Sr year so we can start working on a game plan. MY THOUGHT… is that we should be doing that now because if his school costs go to almost $0 then my support obligation needs to reflect that and it needs to do that immediately when he graduates, not some time during the summer or following fall. yes? no? Why should I be paying her 100’s of $$ while he takes the summer off?!?

    That’s it! Thanks in advance…

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    You are absolutely correct in your thinking! You should convey this to your son and see how he reacts and take further action.

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    I wish you well in the state of New Jersey.
    Washington state Family Law sucks for the payer of the support, the court receives Federal monies for the hearings/work Through our Social Security System to pay the judge, the one receiving the support gets treated like an elite, the “respondent” gets shafted by the fees from my lawyer (and the lawyer didn’t speak for me he let the other lawyer walk all over him in the many hearings) and the recipient of the support monies gets their tax free booty and if she is below the income line receives all the Federal monies too. I moved on and married and have children with a wonderful, team-player, friend and lover of a woman, this state does not care; or at least that was my experiences, the Superior Court judge and the attorneys left my current family and I on the brink of bankruptcy, I can’t even get a roof on my house that I need now!!
    I sincerely hope other states do not rip you off and have any corruption inside the law system like I believe this state does; at least that County I had to attend by order of the judge.

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